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Vision Industry and Entrepreneur Workshop (VIEW) at CVPR 2012

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The Vision Industry and Entrepreneur Workshop (VIEW) at CVPR 2012 was so successful and full of constructive information on many topics, such as found raising for start-up companies, analysis on current and future computer vision markets, opportunities and challenges. As a PhD student who mainly embeds himself into research experiments days and nights in the lab, I realized that this workshop indeed brings me a whole lot useful suggestions which can help with commercializing computer vision researches into real products. I appreciate the efforts from the organizers and the speakers. 

In addition, I think it might be a good idea to put speakers’ slides on this website for more people to refer to (if possible). For many PhD students who don’t have industrial experiences, it might be easy for them to find technical details from published papers, but would be hard to find information such as covered in VIEW 2012. They may not fully digest the information in a single days’ workshop experience. Collecting speakers’ slides and putting them on this website may further help people to use and learn such information in the long run.

VIEW 2012 in full swing

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The Vision Industry and Entrepreneur Workshop at CVPR is in full swing.  The room was standing room only for our first two speakers, Professor/Entrepreneur Terry Boult and Venture Capitalist David Sardana. Right now the poster session with 20 computer vision startups, established companies, and organizations is going strong, with lots of active discussions everywhere (see picture).

The poster session will run til 12:30 — stop by if you have a chance.  It is outside Ballroom C. After lunch, we have three more invited speakers, company founders Richard Friedhoff and Ramesh Raskar, and computer vision industry leader Peter Burt of SRI International.  And at 4:30 a panel of all of our distinguished speakers will answer audience questions on the computer vision industry, entrepreneurship, and community.