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HANDS 2017

grogez – Posted on June 23, 2017 at 3:04 pm

  • Website: http://icvl.ee.ic.ac.uk/hands17/
  • Location: Venice, Italy
  • Field: Computer Vision
  • Submission Deadline: July 31, 2017
  • Conference Date: October 23, 2017
  • About the Conference:
  • ************************************************************************
                 Third International Workshop on
           Observing and Understanding Hands in Action
                             HANDS 2017


                    Venice, Italy – October 23, 2017

                  in conjunction with IEEE ICCV 2017

                Submission Deadline: July 31, 2017



    Development of RGB-D sensors (Kinect, Asus, Intel Creative, Leap Motion
    etc) and camera miniaturization (wearable cameras, smart phones,
    ubiquitous computing) have opened the door to a whole new range of
    technologies and applications which require detecting hands and
    recognizing hand poses in a variety of scenarios.
    Our program will feature several high-quality invited talks, oral and
    poster presentations, and a panel discussion to identify key research
    questions and highlight future research directions. We invite submissions
    of theoretical and applied papers in all areas covered by the workshop,
    including, but not limited to:

    - Hand detection
    - Hand pose and gesture recognition
    - 3D articulated hand tracking
    - Hand modelling and rendering
    - Grasping and object manipulation
    - Hand activity recognition
    - Gesture interfaces
    - Egocentric vision systems
    - Structured prediction
    - Applications of hand pose estimation in AR/VR
    - Applications of hand pose estimation in robotics and haptics
    - Driver hand activity analysis

    In the spirit of Chalearn “looking at people” for body pose estimation or
    Pascal VOC Challenge for object recognition, we organize a challenge
    associated with this workshop. We aim at comparing new and established
    methods for hand detection and pose estimation on a standard and varied
    data set covering multiple scenarios and settings. We released such
    dataset and encourage participants to use it for evaluation and to
    participate in the challenge.

    In addition to regular papers, we also invite extended abstracts of
    ongoing or published work, and invite authors of previous and ongoing work
    to submit empirical results to our challenge.

    Submission deadline:             July 31st
    Notification of acceptance:      August 14th
    Camera ready deadline:           August 24th
    Workshop:                        October 23rd


    Tae-Kyun Kim, Imperial College London, UK
    Antonis Argyros,  U. Crete and FORTH, Greece
    G.Garcia-Hernando, Imperial College London, UK
    Iason Oikonomidis , U. Crete and FORTH, Greece
    Vincent Lepetit, TU Graz, Austria
    Mohan Trivedi, UC San Diego, USA
    Karthik Ramani, Purdue University, USA
    Jamie Shotton, Microsoft Research, UK
    Björn Stenger, Rakuten Institute of Tech, Japan
    Gregory Rogez, INRIA, France
    Danhang Tang, Perceptive IO, USA
    Eshed Ohn-Bar, UC San Diego, USA
    Shanxin Yuan, Imperial College London, UK
    Qi Ye, Imperial College London, UK


    Vincent Hayward, UPMC, France
    Yaser Sheikh, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
    Kris Kitani, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
    TBC, Intel Corporation, USA


  • Call for papers
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