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INRIA/Toyota postdoctoral position on computer vision for robotics

vromerocano – Posted on February 28, 2017 at 2:11 pm –

  • Job Type: Post-Doc
  • Employer: French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation – Inria
  • Location: Grenoble, France
  • Link: https://team.inria.fr/chroma/en/
  • Job Descriptions:

Team CHROMA at INRIA Rhone-Alpes, Grenoble, France and TOYOTA Europe are looking for a highly motivated post-doctoral researcher interested in computer vision for robotics. The proposed work shall focus on the development of models and methods to fuse multi-modal information from the kind of sensors that will equip tomorrow’s vehicles. The main objective of the project is to improve and extend upon existing methods for image-based optimization and grid-based sensor fusion in order to adapt them to work in the very challenging conditions that are often found in real driving scenarios. The candidate will build upon a set of published and/or patented technologies developed by our team during our 9-year collaboration with Toyota. A first Inria-TME patent has been filed in december 2016, and a complementary one is expected by the end of the postdoc.

The position is to be fulfilled as soon as possible, ideally in May 1st or June 1st 2017. Applications can be sent immediately and will continue to be evaluated until the position is taken. The initial term is one year, with a possible extension depending on performance. The Post-doctoral researcher will be located at Inria Grenoble, France with occasional trips to Toyota Europe’s offices in Brussels.

The required qualifications are as follows:

  • PhD in computer vision, robotic perception or machine learning.
  • Experience in optimization for computer vision (E.g. Semantic segmentation, depth reconstruction, scene flow)
  • Experience in software development in C++ and/or python and Linux.

The following qualifications would be an advantage:

  • Familiarity with state-of-the-art deep learning methods
  • Familiarity with CUDA and Boost libraries
  • Experience using the Robotics library ROS

Applicants should submit:

- A one page cover letter describing their background and motivations.

- Curriculum vitae with publication list.

- Contact information of two referees and their recommendation letters.

Applications should be sent in a single PDF document to:

varomero uao.edu.co

christian.laugier inria.fr

olivier.simonin inria.fr

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