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Research Scientist (OCR) – Computer Vision

rpiramuthu – Posted on May 18, 2017 at 2:13 pm –

The Computer Vision team at eBay New Product Development is seeking highly qualified candidates for full-time Research Scientist position in our beautiful San Francisco office. We developed the visual search feature on ShopBot, a commerce chatbot on Facebook Messenger which is in beta now. Play with it by uploading a product picture. We would like to take it to the next level and looking for strong candidates. 
We are seeking highly qualified computer vision research scientists to work on problems such as Large Scale Visual Search/Detection/Recognition, Fine Grained Classification, Deep Learning, Attribute Discovery and Localization, Weakly Supervised Learning, Semantic Segmentation and OCR. 
With hundreds of millions of buyers and sellers, hundreds of millions of live listings at any point of time, millions of daily transactions and billions of daily queries, eBay provides an amazing playground for researchers to work with data and conduct experiments at scale. We actively pursue ideas that result in scalable algorithms and systems, while leveraging the scale of data.
Areas we work on
(i) Large Scale Visual Search/Detection/Recognition 
(ii) Fine Grained Classification 
(iii) Attribute Discovery and Localization 
(iv) Weakly Supervised Learning 
(v) Deep Learning 
(vi) Semantic Segmentation 
(vii) OCR
Basic Qualifications
(i) PhD program in Computer Science or related disciplines
(ii) At least 2 years of relevant experience in industry is preferred, but recent graduates are great as well
(iii) Publication in at least one top-tier computer vision conference such as CVPR, ICCV. This is mandatory.
(iv) Hands-on experience with Deep Learning for computer vision applied to OCR
(v) Mandatory hands-on experience in Caffe, TensorFlow or Torch  
(vi) Strong background in computer vision algorithms, low level vision, applied machine learning
(vii) Excellent problem solving skills
(viii) Experience with CUDA
(ix) Strong programming skills in C++, Python
(x) Experience with fast prototyping
(xi) Strong written and oral communication skills
(xii) Eligibility to work in the US. International students – OPT is fine as long you will be able to work until you get your visa (based on the cycle). 
Send us your resume via email to DL-ebay-erl-vision@ebay.com

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