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Computer Vision Expert in Automated Driving filed

annuskabalazs – Posted on May 19, 2017 at 4:40 am –

Your contribution to something big:

  • Design, implement and verify state-of-the-art computer
    vision algorithms for applications in the domain of autonomous driving,
    robotics and security
  • Main focus on scene understanding, action
    recognition, machine learning/deep learning, object detection,
    -classification and -tracking
  • Implement algorithms on appropriate embedded platforms for both prototype and product
  • Deliver functionalities robust to demanding field conditions
  • Discuss requirements and results with customers
What distinguishes you:

  • M.Sc. with 3+ years experience or PhD with 1+ years experience in Computer Science or related fields
  • Strong knowhow and experience with hands-on implementation of computer vision algorithms in embedded hardware
  • Excellent C++ and object-oriented programming skills. Experience in collaborative development is a plus
  • Strong research and problem solving skills
  • Excellent communication, teamwork and technical writing skills

About us:

The R&D center of Bosch in Budapest is in charge of
designing, testing and exploring systems, components and technologies.
Our innovations consistently aim to achieve an improvement in the
quality of life.

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