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Principal Research Scientist – Deep Learning

oszkar – Posted on June 26, 2017 at 5:36 am –

As a Principal Researcher you are a leader and enabler of others – helping solve problems and define solutions in the field of Deep Learning, Self-Driving Cars and Mobile Robotics. You anticipate the needs of your managers and team members and help them stay focused on their projects while pushing the limits of AI research. You lead AI and and Robotics research, helping out both the Research and Engineering team.
Principal Researchers lead our team of Research Scientists in structuring large-scale tests and the support and deploy promising ideas quickly and broadly. Principle Research Scientists work and support Research teams on real-world problems including creating experiments and prototyping implementations to designing new architectures in artificial intelligence, robotics, data mining, software performance, and much more. Principal Researches are also tasked with staying connected and actively contribute to the wider research community by partnering with universities and publishing papers.
You will have expensive hardware to experiment with, including high-end Nvidia GPUs, HoloLenses and an array of sensors across all modalities. You will not only lead basic research but also help the Engineering team to implement the results of the research and eventually see your ideas in action.
  • Demonstrates an exemplary level of leadership head of research projects.
  • Oversees large, multidisciplinary, research projects.
  • Works closely with management on long-range reseach planning.
  • Manage mulitple levels of research staff.
  • Design, implement and evaluate models, agents and software prototypes of perceptual processing.
  • Report and present research findings and developments including status and results clearly and efficiently both internally and externally, verbally and in writing.
  • Suggest and engage in team collaborations to meet research goals.
  • Work with external collaborators and maintain relationships with relevant research labs and key individuals as appropriate.
Minimum Qualifications
  • PhD in a technical field or equivalent practical and research experience
  • Proven track record in at least one of the following fields
    • Robotics or control theory
    • Computer vision
    • Machine learning
    • NLP
    • Sensor fusion
  • 1+ years of team leadership experience
  • Demonstrated ability to carry out long-range research planning
Preferred Qualifications
  • PhD in machine learning, robotics, computer science or neuroscience
  • Relevant experience to the position such as post-doctoral roles, publications of deep neural network research or architectures.
  • Excellence in directing research projects and in supervising research staff
  • Participation in scientific societies, committees, and review groups at the national level and international level
  • Ability to write clean code and help out the Engineering team
  • 10+ years of professional experience

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