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Computer Vision Engineer

cherry – Posted on August 22, 2017 at 10:15 am –

Your role would be to take over development of our existing computer vision systems, improving and building solutions for environment and robot detection and tracking in real time on mobile devices. You’d work closely with our hardware guys, taking the development of elements of the robot in specific directions to enable better tracking. You may also get a special Computer Vision related hat. But maybe not.


  •       A love of games!
  •       Minimum BSc in Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering, Physics, or similar discipline
  •       Demonstrable ability implementing robust computer vision systems
  •       Considerable experience with C style languages, C/C++/C#/Java, and an ability to program clearly, efficiently, and evolve your style and practices where required
  •       A working knowledge of computer graphics, graphics APIs such as OpenGL and DirectX, and shader languages such as GLSL, HLSL
  •       GPGPU programming experience; e.g. CUDA, OpenCL, OpenGL Compute
  •       Working knowledge of all related theory.
  •       Experience with algorithm design and development
  •       Experience reading and implementing solutions from academic publications
  •       Experience prototyping algorithms in MatLab or similar
  •       Good knowledge of OpenCV or similar CV library
  •       Knowledge of Augmented Reality systems (understanding of existing approaches, SDKs, and current literature a bonus)
  •       Experience with the detection and description of local image features
  •       A good understanding of multiple view geometry; 3D scene reconstruction, homographies, etc


  •       PhD in Computer Vision, Computer Graphics, or related field
  •       Knowledge of hardware camera systems on Android and iOS
  •       Experience developing for mobile platforms (Android, iOS, and native)
  •       Experience with performance analysis and optimisation

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