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Sr Computer Vision Engineer

naenglert – Posted on September 14, 2017 at 12:46 pm –

Computer Vision Engineer


This position requires a
broad set of optical and software skills with an emphasis on machine vision. Areas
of responsibility include system architecture and algorithm development.

Skills and requirements

Required technical

·   MS in CS, CE, or EE; prefer candidates with PhD

·   Rapid software/algorithm prototyping skills,
preferably with a combination of Matlab for high level work and C or C++ for
lower level.

·   Experience with Pattern Recognition and Machine
Learning Algorithms

·   Strong math and algorithmic background.

·   Strong knowledge/experience with
three-dimensional (3D) imaging concepts.

·   Experience with cameras, lenses and photography

·   Experience in tracking, activity recognition,
biometrics, and emotion recognition Fluent in C/C++ (programming and debugging)

·   Knowledge software optimization and embedded
programming is a plus

·   Experience working with Computer Vision
libraries such as OpenCV is a plus

·    Machine learning experience is a plus if it
includes deep learning experience in Computer Vision

Additional desired
technical skills

·   Applicant should understand and be able to apply
specific optimization and learning methods for nonlinear function estimation

·   Familiarity with methods for improving CMOS/CCD
image data.

·   Experience with 3rd party 3D modeling software.

·   Familiarity with 2D surface interpolation and

·   Familiarity with two-image or multi-image 3D
correspondence problem

Required soft skills

·   Must have excellent command of English language,
both written and verbal

·   Must work well independently and in teams

·   Must have ability to lead Jr engineers.

Job Type: Full-time

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