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Senior SW Engineer (Job #I1018G-418)

beatrice – Posted on October 27, 2017 at 5:01 am –

  • Job Type: Others
  • Employer: VisLab srl an Ambarella company
  • Location: Parma, Italy
  • Link:
  • Job Descriptions:

The opening is for a senior developer of embedded real-time
software for automotive ADAS and Autonomous Driving. The
successful candidate will play a leading role in many aspects of product
development, including drafting requirements, system design, test planning,
review, and development of state-of-the-art architecture components for
autonomous vehicles.

Familiarity with protocol design, communication systems
designs, IEC 6150 and ISO 26262 certifications, robotics and autonomous are
positively evaluated.  Deep knowledge of
main graphic toolkits is also a plus.


Develop and maintain code for
device drivers interfaces, maintaining existing codebase on embedded and PC

Develop and maintain complex
HMIs written in C/C++ to control vehicle extended functionalities.

Collaborate to design and
maintenance of software for prototypes vehicles.

Collaborate to develop and/or
establish software infrastructure for simulation and testing.

Produce documentation and
reports to facilitate collaboration with colleague

Minimum requirements:

  • A Masters’s degree in EE,
    computer engineering, CS or equivalent. A PhD in one of these disciplines
    is a plus.

Existing knowledge of advanced
robotic sensors and devices such as radars, lidars, IMU, GPS, and actuators.

  • Excellent C/C++ design and
    development skills and knowledge of robotics products. Previous experience
    and knowledge of main graphic toolkits such as QT, GTK, OpenGL/Vulkan,
  • Experience developing certified
    software. Experience with ASIL systems is a plus.
  • Vision expertise is considered
    a plus.
  • Excellent verbal and written
    communication skills. Excellent analytical, problem solving and
    presentation skills. Excellent cross-functional, cross-site teamwork

To apply, please submit resume with subject:   Job #I1018PG-418  to careers-it@ambarella.com  
Background check required if hired.

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