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Experienced Computer Vision And Machine Learning Engineer (m/f)

adrianion – Posted on November 18, 2017 at 1:14 pm –

  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Employer: Humai Technologies
  • Location: Vienna, Austria
  • Link: https://www.humai.tech
  • Job Descriptions:

We are looking for experienced computer vision and machine learning engineers to
create new and to improve existing large-scale visual recognition solutions, as well as
work on related practical computer vision tasks.


  • have proven experience in designing, implementing, and delivering machine-learning-based
    visual recognition solutions; hold a relevant degree (e.g. Computer Vision, Machine Learning,
    Artificial Intelligence)

    KEYWORDS: computer vision, machine learning, large scale object recognition/detection,
    classification, photo-OCR, deep learning (CNNs, RNNs; TensorFlow, Theano, Keras; SSD,
    FasterR-CNN, R-FCN; ResNet, VGG, Inception; CS231n), multimodal & multi-stage
    classification, interest points & descriptors, part-based models, cameras (Gig-E), GPUs,
    Python, C++

  • are motivated to work on challenging new ideas and enjoy bringing research results to life in
    marketable/production solutions

  • love working in a diverse team and are eager to learn new things as well as to share your
    skills and know-how with others

  • have a strong sense of ownership work and strive for the best solutions for the customers
    and the team

    THEN WE …

  • can offer you to work on exciting projects in the field of computer vision and machine
    learning, at the core for our enterprise scale visual-recognition solutions

  • give you the chance to grow your skills and expertise as we as a company grow

  • have a smart team waiting for you to join

  • provide on one hand the stability of a company with 20 years of experience and support by
    one of Austria’s leading industry groups, and on the other hand the enthusiasm of a startup


Humai (www.humai.tech) stands for Human Machine Integration, which is exactly what we do:
we are developing solutions that combine the strength of people and technology. Whether it is
Augmented Reality or Object Recognition, our standardized Cloud Platform or completely
bespoke solutions, we always strive to optimize processes and reduce down time. As part of the
Berndorf Industrial Group, we have a very strong B2B and industrial focus and are proud to have
delivered visual computing technologies to hundreds of clients worldwide for over 20 years


Live in a great town (Vienna), work for a great company (Humai) with a great climate (friendly,
flexible working hours) and great premises (fully equipped kitchen, canteen, nearby mall), work in
a great team (friendly, stick together, share, wide range of skills and expertise) on great projects
(new technologies, progressive, multi-disciplinary, great customers), plenty of possibilities to
grow and define yourself for the future!


If you are interested to meet us and discuss any opportunities, please send your application to
jobs@humai.tech. Please include at least a concise CV (max. 2 pages) as well as any information
that you find convincing about your ability to perform in the described position.
Contact: Dr. Filip Kor
, Head of Recognition Technology.

Austrian law requires us to post the minimum by-law salary, which is EUR 44.786,- brutto/year for entry
level. We offer market conform salaries depending on the candidate’s qualification and work experience. 

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