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    I am doing small project in layered depth representation of multi view images. The statement goes like this:

    Now I need two things:

    1. I am trying to store a matrix with each element being a list of arrays (A representation of my problem statement) In C++, I am currently defining a STL container vector<vector<list>> where this d_array is a…[Read more]

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    Are you working in the RGB color space? I would suggest trying to transform to a different colour space which in which one parameter is illumination invairant like HSV or L a*b*. Thus two images with different illumination will have only one parameter with a significant change and hence could be used for thresholding.

    5 years ago
    In reply to - CVUser posted an update in the group OpenCV My Question in short form: How to categorize the images based on Illumination / shadow ? Input: Cropped face or Non Cropped face images. Detailed […] · View
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