VIEW 2017: Sixth Annual Vision Industry and Entrepreneur Workshop (with CVPR 2017)

Jan 27, 2017 at 12:16 am in by Computer Vision Central

Announcement: VIEW 2017 has been fully integrated into the CVPR 2017.
We are proud to announce that the Vision Industry and Entrepreneur Workshop (VIEW 2017) has been fully integrated into the CVPR 2017 EXPO.  This year, the EXPO will have a new event called EXPO Spotlights (here), which consists of short industry presentations right on the EXPO floor. There will be talks, panels, interviews, etc. in conjunction with the EXPO showcase. Like VIEW, this event will provide an exciting “trade-show” like atmosphere to foster maximal visibility and exposure for each on-site exhibitor.  We already have over +40 companies signed up for the Spotlights.

VIEW started more than 5 years ago, with a focus on bridging industry and academic communities within CVPR. We recognized the need to involve participation from companies, research labs and startups because we anticipated the tremendous growth in this technology area. It is therefore very exciting for us to see how the CVPR has grown over the last few years with the very same direction as VIEW.

The organization committee consists of volunteers dedicated to goals of VIEW. We have made great advances towards the CVPR community, including the first venture contests and the first industry/startup gallery. Past VIEW participants have gained great success through merger/acquisitions, and there are many more in the pipeline.

To fully focus on this transition to the EXPO, the VIEW Shark Tank Contest has been cancelled this year, and there is no VIEW workshop session on July 21. Instead, we are fully committed to making the EXPO Spotlight a great success, and we hope to see your participation too.

“The world wants your vision-based creations today”, and “not a decade until the full academic research pipeline gets translated into products”. You are the next generation researcher / entrepreneur. See you at CVPR 2017.

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  • Sek Chai, SRI International Sarnoff
  • Arnab Dhua,
  • Himanshu Arora,
  • Samson Timoner, Entrepreneur
  • Ziyan Wu, Siemens
  • Yu Wang, Ambarella Inc
  • Terry Boult, UCCS

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