VIEW 2017: Sixth Annual Vision Industry and Entrepreneur Workshop (with CVPR 2017)

Jan 27, 2017 at 12:16 am in by Computer Vision Central

VIEW 2017 will continue to bridge the industry and academic communities within CVPR by fostering participation by companies, research labs and startups. This year’s event will be well integrated with the CVPR Industry EXPO 2017.  Highlights include:

  • CVPR Industry EXPO Spotlights, for participants to highlight their solutions, products and companies. It will serve the spotlights for the CVPR Industry Expo participants, a recruiting pitch for companies, and publicity for startups. More details can be found here.
  • Shark Tank Contest, based on our successful venture pitch contest over the past two years. Contestants will pitch their ideas to a panel of venture capitalists, investors and entrepreneurs. We provide access to coaching mentors and networking for successful pitches. Winners of the shark tank will get a slot in the Industry EXPO Spotlights showcasing their ideas and technology. For companies interested in sponsoring the contest, please contact Each sponsor will have the opportunity presenting the awards of the contest in a dedicated session in the Industry EXPO Spotlight and all publication materials related to VIEW will include sponsors name and/or logo.


Sponsoring VIEW 2017

The sponsorship is being handled via the CVPR bidding process. To sponsor the VIEW Venture Pitch Contest please bid on the “Shark Tank Sponsorship” item at the CVPR bidding link.

Who should attend?

  • CVPR Industry Expo participants – Showcase your company, recruit, tell them why visit your booth.
  • CV, ML Startups – Present your big idea, meet investors, potential partners and customers.
  • Investors – See new products and ideas, computer vision has huge potential.

Past Judges


Chris Jones

Matthew Zeiler, CEO at Clarifai

Tarun Pandit

Tarun Pandit, Capricorn Investment Group

Teddy Kumar

Teddy Kumar, SRI International

Shmuel Peleg

Shmuel Peleg, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Chris Jones

Chris Jones, Strategic Technology Director at iRobot

Bailal Zuberi

Bailal Zuberi, Partner, Lux Capital

Matthew Stack

Matthew Stack, Partner, 3LP Advisors

Ric Fulop

Ric Fulop, Partner, North Bridge Venture Partners

Praveen Tailam

Praveen Tailam, Managing Director, TiE Angels

Past Mentors

  • Chris Jones, VP Technology IRobot.
  • Samson Timoner, Founder of Scalable Display Technologies, Mythical Labs
  • Shahid Azim, Founder of Lantos, Quanttus.
  • Mark Nitzberg, Founder of Blightsite, SmartLeaf.
  • Stan Reiss, General Partners @ Matrix Partners
  • Jason Sager, Founder Sagely Health
  • Hillel Bachrach, Serial Entrepreneur and Managing Partner of the investment fund HealthCare Partners LLC


Past Speakers


Rahul Sukthankar

Rahul Sukthankar, Google

Victor Eruhimov

Victor Eruhimov, ItSeez3D

Kari Pulli

Kari Pulli, NVIDIA

Mahesh Ramachandran

Mahesh Ramachandran, Qualcomm

Raja Bala

Raja Bala, XEROX

Peter Paul

Peter Paul, XEROX

Quanfu Fan

Quanfu Fan, IBM T.J. Watson

Mike Geertsen

Mike Geertsen, DARPA

Harpreet S. Sawhney

Harpreet S. Sawhney, SRI International

Shmuel Peleg

Shmuel Peleg, University of Jerusalem

Gautam Bhargava

Gautam Bhargava,

Richard Szeliski

Richard Szeliski, Facebook

Terrance Boult

Terrance Boult, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

Peter Burt

Peter Burt, SRI International

Richard M. Friedhoff

Richard M. Friedhoff, Tandent Vision

Ramesh Raskar

Ramesh Raskar, MIT Media Lab

David Sardana

David Sardana, Motorola

Terrance Boult

Khaled El-Maleh, Qualcomm

2016 Prizes

In 2016 we had around $4000 worth of total prizes, including the following:

  1. Two NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan X (Sponsored by NVIDIA)
  2. A Google Cloud Platform Credit for $1000 (Sponsored by Google)
  3. An Amazon Echo and Amazon Tap (Sponsored by

Snapshots from past VIEWs


Industry session at VIEW 2016


Judges deliberating on the venture pitches at VIEW 2016


Polarized 3D getting “Best Overall” award with Google Cloud Credits and an Amazon Tap at VIEW 2016


Hachid getting “Best Business Plan” award and NVIDIA Titan X at VIEW 2016

Venture-Pitch Contest at VIEW 2015


  • Sek Chai, SRI International Sarnoff
  • Arnab Dhua,
  • Himanshu Arora,
  • Samson Timoner, Entrepreneur
  • Ziyan Wu, Siemens
  • Yu Wang, Ambarella Inc
  • Terry Boult, UCCS

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