• HERE Technologies
    Research Area: Deep learning, image and video understanding
    Location: Boulder, Colorado, USA
  • University of Florida
    Research Area: Computer Vision, Human Centered Computing
    Location: Gainesville, USA
  • University of A Coruña
    Research Area: Computer vision, pattern recognition, image processing, medical imaging
    Location: A Coruña
  • Stony Brook University
    Research Area: Shadow detection, video action recognition, medical imaging analysis, image and video segmentation, human vision modeling, fixation modeling
    Location: Stony Brook, NY
  • IST Austria
    Research Area: Computer Vision, Machine Learning
    Location: Vienna (Klosterneuburg)
  • Marquette University
    Research Area: Computer Vision, Robotics
    Location: Milwaukee, WI, USA
  • Pompeu Fabra University
    Research Area: Computer Vision, Image Processing, Cinema, Medical Imaging, Robotics
    Location: Barcelona, Spain
  • University of Louisville
    Research Area: computer vision, biometrics, medical imaging
    Location: Kentucky, USA
  • Polytechnique Montreal
    Research Area: Computer vision, machine learning, tracking, infrared, object detection
    Location: Montreal, Canada
  • Computer Vision Center Barcelona
    Research Area: ADAS, Autonomous Driving, Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence
    Location: Barcelona, Spain
  • University of Ljubljana
    Research Area: pattern recognition, biometrics, computer vision, face recognition, speech technologies
    Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Hacettepe University
    Research Area: Computer Vision, Image Processing, Computational Photography, 3D Vision
    Location: Ankara
  • University of California, Santa Barbara
    Research Area: Large Scale Camera Networks, Bio-image informatics, Bio-Inspired Visual Analytics, Signal Processing for Malware Analysis
    Location: Santa Barbara
  • University of Dayton
    Research Area: Wide Area Surveillance, Scene Analysis and Understanding, Human Identification and Activity Recognition, Video Preprocessing, Brain Activity Analysis
    Location: Dayton
  • Institut Pascal
    Research Area: samrt camera, embedded vision, architecture, Language
  • RPI
    Research Area: All aspects of computer vision and medical image analysis, especially perceptual organization, object recognition, graph theoretical methods, stereopsis in weakly constrained environments, optimal feature extraction, large modelbases, range data analysis, and robust methods.
    Location: Troy, NY 12180, USA
  • University of Central Florida
    Research Area: Image Processing, Computer Vision, and Pattern Recognition
    Location: Orlando, FL
  • National Technical University of Athens
    Research Area: Computer vision, machine learning and information retrieval to analyze, interpret, and search images and video sequences.
    Location: Greece
  • UCSB
    Research Area:
    Location: Santa Barbara
  • Boston University
    Research Area:
    Location: Boston, MA