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Computer Vision Central - Posted on December 22, 2011 at 4:02 pm.

  • Institution: Toshiba Cambridge
  • Type: Industry
  • Website: http://www.toshiba.eu/eu/Cambridge-Research-Laboratory/Computer-Vision-Group/
  • Research Areas: 3D modelling, gesture user interfaces and motion analysis
  • Location: UK
  • About the Group:
  • Cambridge Research Laboratory, Computer Vision Group

    CRL's Computer Vision Group (CVG) is working on new methods for recognising, reconstructing and registering objects, leading to entirely new interactions between digital and real worlds. Founded in April 2006 and led by Dr Björn Stenger with technical and strategic advice from Professor Roberto Cipolla FREng, CVG are creating core Computer Vision technology while carrying out basic research in this area in collaboration with the University of Cambridge and the Toshiba Corporate R&D Center in Japan.

    CVG's research interests include 3D modelling, gesture user interfaces and motion analysis.  CVG aims to build accurate three-dimensional models of objects from images and video, allowing visualisation in different virtual scenes or manufacturing actual copies. Through tracking articulated motion, for example a human body or hand, they are able to create simple and reliable gesture interfaces allowing touch-free input. Analysis of motion patterns is allowing us to research into solutions for problems such as detecting pedestrians for car safety.

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