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Calvin's upper-body detector v1.03 (Matlab)

Computer Vision Central - Posted on December 11, 2011 at 3:40 pm.

  • Links: http://www.vision.ee.ethz.ch/~calvin/calvin_upperbody_detector/
  • Details:
  • Overview

    We release here software for human upper body detection in still images. It is based on the successful part-based object detection framework [4] and contains a model to detect near-frontal upper-bodies, trained from the data of [3]. The resulting detector returns bounding-boxes fitting the head and upper half of the torso of the person.

    In order to find more people we complement the primary detector with upper-body detections regressed from the Viola-Jones [5] face detector. This is especially valuable for people in poses difficult to detect by the upper-body model (e.g. arms raised above the head). Both primary and secondary detectors are combined by this release and a single homogeneous set of upper-body bounding-boxes are returned.

    The bounding-boxes returned by the detector released here can be directly fed into our pose estimation software [1], which includes a matlab routine to easily interface with this detector. By installing both this detector and [1] you get a complete and fully automatic human detection and pose estimation pipeline.

    This upper-body detector improves over [3] in that:
  • it is easily portable to any Linux platform, as it is based on the excellent code of [4]
  • the primary upper-body detector based on [4] performs better than the one in [3] based on [7]
  • more persons are found thanks to the complementary face detector
  • new in v1.03:

    • optionally runs [4] on an upscaled image resulting in detections of persons at low resolution

    Example results

    Example results are shown on the gallery website of our online human pose estimation demo which em employs this detector.


    this detector has been evaluated in our Technical Report [8]

    Training data

    The upper-body detector was trained from the data of [3].


    calvin_upperbody_detector_v1.03.tgzcalvin upper-body detector222 kB
    README.htmldescription of contents31 kB
    voc-release3.1.tgzsnapshot of the object dectection framework [4] required by our upper-body detector7200 kB


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    Document: PDF

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    Document: PDF

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