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Machine Perception CIS 580 Spring 2011 (UPenn)

Computer Vision Central - Posted on December 11, 2011 at 4:07 pm.

  • Links: http://www.seas.upenn.edu/~cis580/
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  • Machine Perception CIS 580 Spring 2011

    Textbook: Szeliski http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/um/people/szeliski/Book/

    Additional resources:

    Zissermanand Hartley, Multiple View Geometry

    Forsyth and Ponce, Computer Vision A Modern Approach

    Castleman, Digital Image Processing


    DateTopicTextbook Chapters & SlidesLecture NotesHomeworks
    W/1/12Intro , Linear SystemsCastleman Ch. 9[1]Homework0 (turnin) due Jan 19th
    M/1/17Martin Luther King Jr. Day, no class
    W/1/19FilteringCastleman Ch. 10, Szeliski Ch 3.2 & 3.3[2]Homework1 due Jan 26th
    M/1/24Fourier TransformCastleman Ch. 12[3]
    W/1/26SamplingCastleman Ch. 12[4]
    M/1/31Sampling continued, PyramidSzeliski Ch 3.4[5]
    W/2/02Sampling continued, PyramidPyramid slides[6]Homework2 due Feb 16th (10am)
    M/2/07Short Term Fourier Transform, FeaturesSzeliski Ch 4.1[7]
    W/2/09Optical Flow and KLTSzeliski Ch 8.4[8]
    M/2/14Scale selection[9]
    W/2/16Hough Transform & RANSACSzeliski Ch 4.3 Slides[10]Homework3 due Mar 02nd (10am)
    M/2/21StereoStereo slides[11]
    W/2/23StereoSzeliski Ch 11[12]Motion Segmentation using EM
    M/2/28GeometryGeometry slides[13]
    W/3/02GeometrySzeliski Ch 2[14]
    3/05-3/13Spring Break
    W/3/16Projective GeometryVideo Metrology Paper[15]Homework4 due Mar 24th 10:30 am
    M/3/21Projective GeometryTwo Views slides[16]
    W/3/23Midterm Review[17]
    M/3/28Two Views3-D Vision and Recognition[18]
    W/3/30Two Views contd.Homework5 Due Apr 13th 10:00 am
    M/4/04Two Views contd.
    W/4/06Two Views contd.
    W/4/27Final Review[19]

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