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CIS 581: Computer Vision & Computational Photography (UPenn Fall2011)

Computer Vision Central - Posted on December 22, 2011 at 3:35 pm.

  • Links: http://www.seas.upenn.edu/~cis581/
  • Details:

  • This is an introductory course to computer vision and computational photography. This course will explore three topics: 1) image morphing, 2) shape matching, and 3) image search. This course is intended to provide you a hands-on experience with interesting things to do on images/pixels.

    The world is becoming image-centric. Camera are now found everywhere, in our cell phones, automobiles, even in medical surgery tools. Computer vision technology has lead to latest innovations in areas such as Hollywood movie production, medical diagnosis, biometrics, and digital library.

    This course is suited for students with all Engineering background, who has the basic knowledge of linear algebra and programming, and a lot of imagination.

    DateTopicLecture NotesProjectsProject Help
    9/7Introduction and Image formation and cameras[1][2]
    9/12Image features, convolution[3]Matlab Tutorials
    9/14Image features and edge detection[4]Project 1
    9/19Edge Detection Reviews[5]
    9/21Filters and texture[6]
    9/26Filters and Texture II[7]
    9/28Image geometry and Warping[8]Project 1 Due
    10/3Image geometry and triangular warping[9]Project 2
    10/5Triangular Mesh and Linear Algebra Simplified[10]
    10/10Fall Break - No class
    10/12Image geometry and thin plate spline warpingslides Paper1Paper2
    10/17Guest Lecture - Video Textures
    10/19No Class
    10/24Image features and pyramidslidesPaper1Paper2Project 2 Due
    10/26Geometric image features and Corners[11]Project 3
    10/31Geometric image features and RANSAC[12]
    11/2Project 3 Overview
    11/7Midterm Review
    11/9In-class midterm (closed book, 1 sheet of hand written notes)
    11/14Introduction to recognition[13]
    11/16Object Recognition: Shape Context[14]
    11/21Object Recognition: Features[15]Final Project
    11/23No class
    11/28Shape Detection by VotingSlides Object Detection Site/PapersPoslet site/papers
    11/30Object Recognition: Pictorial Structure[16]
    12/5Object Detection by voting[17]
    12/12Project presentation, look ahead
    12/14Final project presentations (12-3pm)

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