VIEW 2012: IEEE Vision Industry & Entrepreneur Workshop at CVPR

Page VIEW 2012: IEEE Vision Industry & Entrepreneur Workshop at CVPR has been updated.

At the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) 2012 in Providence, Rhode Island, June 17th.

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April 16, 2012. Companies and organizations accepted for the poster session:

1. YouShire: An Online Social Learning Platform for Kids
2. ObjectVideo Intelligent Video Analytics
3. InaPic Smart Albums: the Best Photos of All Your Photos
4. ImmersiveLabs: Adaptive Advertising for the real world
5. NICTA: Remote Non-cooperative Biometrics in Crowds
6. CeeQ: Image-based privacy and reputation management for social networks
7. Kooaba Shortcut – Makes Print and Advertising Interactive
8. NeuroMatters: Cortically Coupled Computer Vision for Image Search
9. Large Scale Computer Vision at eBay
10. Oblong Industries: The Next Step in Interactive Spatial Operating Systems
11. Computer Vision Central: a web destination for the computer vision community
12. SRI Vision technology in consumer electronics
13. Computer Vision for Enterprise and Public Safety at Motorola Solutions
14. AIT: Real-Time Stereo Vision for Reliable and Accurate 3D Measurement
15. PICTORRIA, Visual recognition and verification as a service
16. IMEC: Real-time 3d Gesture Control Based on Depth Estimation
17. Tandent Vision Science – Computer Vision Everywhere
18. Cognex Corporation
19. Embedded Vision Alliance
20. Affine: Automatic Video Content Training, QA and Monitoring over Cloud Machines

April 9, 2012. Guest speakers:

Terrance Boult
Teaching Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Ten lessons from the trenches

Prof. Boult is the Founder of Securics, and the visionary behind the Bachelor of Innovation Family of degrees at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

Peter Burt
Contract Research as an Engine for Innovation and Ventures

Dr. Burt is Executive Director of Vision Technologies at SRI Sarnoff, and a pioneer in commercial real-time and embedded vision technologies.

Richard Friedhoff
Innovating in an Emerging Industry: The Opportunity and the Challenge

Richard Friedhoff is the co-Founder and President of Tandent Vision Science, and the author of the book Visual Computing.

Ramesh Raskar
Imaging Ventures

Prof. Raskar is Co-Founder of EyeNetra, and Director of the Camera Culture Group at the MIT Media Lab.

David Sardana
Venture Financing

David Sardana is a Senior Investment Associate with Motorola Solutions Venture Capital.