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Dermoscopy Image Analysis

ecelebi - Posted on September 24, 2015 at 7:01 am. Updated on September 24, 2015 at 7:01 am.

  • Links: https://www.crcpress.com/Dermoscopy-Image-Analysis/Celebi-Mendonca-Marques/9781482253269
  • Details:
  • 01. Toward a Robust Analysis of Dermoscopy Images Acquired under Different Conditions (Barata, Celebi, and Marques)
    02. A Bioinspired Color Representation for Dermoscopy Image Analysis (Madooei and Drew)
    03. Where’s the Lesion?: Variability in Human and Automated Segmentation of Dermoscopy Images of Melanocytic Skin Lesions (Bogo, Peruch, Fortina, and Peserico)
    04. A State-of-the-Art Survey on Lesion Border Detection in Dermoscopy Images (Celebi, Wen, Iyatomi, Shimizu, Zhou, and Schaefer)
    05. Comparison of Image Processing Techniques for Reticular Pattern Recognition in Melanoma Detection (Arroyo and Zapirain)
    06. Global Pattern Classification in Dermoscopic Images (Saez, Serrano, and Acha)
    07. Streak Detection in Dermoscopic Color Images Using Localized Radial Flux of Principal Intensity Curvature (Mirzaalian, Lee, and Hamarneh)
    08. Dermoscopy Image Assessment Based on Perceptible Color Regions (Lee, Lee, Kim, Moon, and Oh)
    09. Improved Skin Lesion Diagnostics for General Practice by Computer-Aided Diagnostics (Mollersen, Zortea, Hindberg, Schopf, Skrovseth, and Godtliebsen)
    10. Accurate and Scalable System for Automatic Detection of Malignant Melanoma (Abedini, Chen, Codella, Garnavi, and Sun)
    11. Early Detection of Melanoma in Dermoscopy of Skin Lesion Images by Computer Vision-Based System (Zare and Toossi)
    12. From Dermoscopy to Mobile Teledermatology (Rosado, Vasconcelos, Castro, and Tavares)
    13. PH2: A Public Database for the Analysis of Dermoscopic Images (Mendonca, Ferreira, Marcal, Barata, Marques, Rocha, and Rozeira)

    CRC Press page: https://www.crcpress.com/Dermoscopy-Image-Analysis/Celebi-Mendonca-Marques/9781482253269
    CRCnetBASE page: http://www.crcnetbase.com/isbn/9781482253276
    Amazon page: http://www.amazon.com/Dermoscopy-Analysis-Digital-Imaging-Computer/dp/1482253267

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