5 Easy Hacks To Get Your Home Ready For The Summer

The Holidays are over and summer is just around the corner. It is now time to pack and store your winter decors and start thinking about how you can refresh your living space for the summer. Reputable interior design companies in Abu Dhabi say that it doesn’t take a lot to give your space a new look for the upcoming season. Here are some design ideas that you can apply to your home for sunnier days:

  1. Add a statement piece

Summer is the time to be bold and think outside the box. If you are thinking of doing some interior upgrades, you need to start with adding some outstanding pieces in your home. During the holidays, the highlight of the design is your holiday-themed decors (e.g. Christmas trees, wreath, etc.). This summer, think about a statement piece that would evoke the emotions of the season. It can be an art piece that reminds people of the beach and sunny days or a lighting fixture that can be the focal point of the house.

  1. Bring in the colors

If the Holiday season is all about intimacy and happiness, summer is all about fun under the sun. To imbibe that feeling, you need to use colors that would signify the season. Usually, bright colors are the ones being used for summer interior upgrades. You can do this by putting bright and bold design accents in your space. But do not overdo it. Be sure that the design pieces that you will pick would still complement the overall design of the space. Be cautious about choosing the design materials for your interior refresh. One design element that is out of context can ruin the whole look of the space.

  1. Freshen things with foliage

Nothing says summer than fresh foliage. Adding plants and flower arrangement in your space would add a much-needed freshness to the house. Interior design experts say that it doesn’t have to be flowers all the time. You can play with big and large leaves and statement vases for a more interesting centerpiece.

  1. Change the layout of your home

If you are using the same furniture arrangement for 5 years or so, it is high time to shake things a bit. A simple change in layout can give your space a new and fresh look, and you can do it without spending a dime. The key to an excellent furniture arrangement is to decide the focal point of the space and put the important pieces in the section. But you also need to take into account the functionality.

  1. Make the space lighter

Holiday-designed spaces are a little heavy on the eyes but in a good way. For your summer design upgrade, make the space look and feel lighter. There are a number of ways to do it. You can either take out some of the furnishings and pieces or open up the windows to bring in the natural light.

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