A Simple Restaurateur’s Guide To Restaurant Cleanliness

Hospitality and dining establishments are expected to deliver an ultimate dining experience to their customers. But this is not just about the food. Diners today are very critical on scrutinizing every establishment that they dined in – from the menu to the look and feel of the place.

Which is why it is a must for restaurant owners to ensure that their business place is spotless, from top to bottom. Offering food in a clean and sanitary environment will not only lead to repeat customers but also entice new ones. If you are keen in keeping your diner clean, here are some maintenance work that you need to do:

  1. Kitchen cleaning

Even though the customers do not see the insides of your kitchen, they can easily tell if this space is clean based on the food that you are serving. There might be instances when the dishes you serve may satisfy the common dines. But critical customers can see, hear, smell, and taste everything. Just a sniff of kitchen smoke in the food or in the place can upset this kind of customer. Be sure to keep your kitchen as clean and organized as possible. Impose a strict cleaning policy to your kitchen staff. And make sure that all your kitchen equipment are clean and working properly at all time. Schedule a deep cleaning and get a clean company that specializes kitchen duct cleaning in Dubai to do the cleaning work.


  1. Interior and exterior polishing

Most restaurateurs today are investing in making sure that their dining space is eye-catching. But it should not stop there. No matter how gorgeous your restaurant is, if the accents are dirty, it can potentially ward off potential customers. Aside from sweeping and mopping the floors, you should ensure that every part of the restaurant is clean, including the windows. Having a window cleaning company in Dubai to thoroughly clean your windows will add curb appeal to your establishment.


  1. Sanitation

Even if the space looks spotless, it doesn’t mean that it is germ-free. Common cleaning agents are made to clean the surface, but they are not strong enough to eliminate disease-causing bacteria and germs. It can be transferred to food and dishes that you are serving to diners. Make it a habit to sanitize the place to prevent the spread of disease and illness in your establishment.


  1. Air quality check

Aside from sanitizing the space, you should check the indoor air quality of the space. Airborne pollutants can be as dangerous as germs and bacteria. Be sure to conduct airway checks and clean your airways and AC to keep the indoor air clean and safe for your staff and customers.