5 Hacks On How To Properly Manage Your Time At Work

Time management is an ongoing challenge for some employees. Most of these workers feel that 8 hours is not enough to accomplish a mountain of tasks in front of them. As a result, undone tasks will pile up and burden them more the next day.

But it doesn’t have to be that way every day. Training institutes in Abu Dhabi provide simple time management tips that can help employees accomplish more tasks given their limited time in the office:

  • Learn to prioritize

One of the reasons why most employees never get anything done is because they don’t know which task should come first. If you have a number of things that you need to accomplish, what you need to do is to compartmentalize or categorize them into categories like: 1. Urgent and important 2. Important not urgent 3. Urgent not important 4. Not important, not urgent. Creating a priority matrix would help you know which tasks should go first, and then the rest will follow.

  • Know when to say No

Another reason why there are delays at work is because you are accommodating requests and favors from co-workers or your bosses. If you feel that you will not be able to accomplish your primary tasks by accommodating their request, learn to turn them down nicely. Explain to them that you have something urgent that you need to finish and accommodating their request might compromise your schedule.

  • Control your work deviations

Net surfing and browsing and procrastination are two of the biggest reasons for work delays. If you are dead serious in finishing your task, train yourself to control your down time. If you are always tempted on browsing the net, block the social media sites and other platforms from your network.

  • Create a system

Being disorganized can eat up your time at work. For an effective time management, create a system that would organize your schedule and task. For instance, schedule the usual and repetitive tasks in the morning and proceed to specialized task until the end of the shift.

  • Stop multi-tasking

Some people think that multi-tasking is a good practice.   It might work for some people, but for some, it can cause major work delays. If you are keen on finishing your tasks, it would be best to focus on one task at a time. This method would help you to finish more chore than doing all at the same time with no end-results.

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