5 Tips On Designing A Rented Office Space

The look of your rent office space in dubai can affect how you do your work. It can either boost your team’s productivity or put them in idle, unproductive mode. Which is why it is imperative that you design your office space creatively.

However, certain restrictions and limitations are given to tenants who are leasing their office space for a short period of time. If you are looking for a way to make the space desirable given the limitations, these tips might able to help you out:

  1. Ask your landlord about the restrictions

Before you start shopping for office decors, you need to ask first your landlord what are the design restrictions being imposed on the facility. Knowing the do’s and don’ts would help you create an office design that would meet their specification.

  1. Go with simple designs

You don’t have to make drastic changes in your business place to make it look visually appealing. Try to look for design pegs that would make the space look attractive with minimal design requirements. You need to remember that you are dealing with certain limitation here. If you are not allowed to change the paint color of the wall, then look for a design that would fit with that color. When you are renting a serviced offices for rent in downtown, you need to adjust and follow what is stipulated in the contract, including the restrictions and limitations.

  1. Personalize the cubicles

Most cubicles in serviced office are designed to look the same, which can be boring and outdated. You can spice it up a bit by allowing your employees to personalize their own cubicles. Allowing them to express their creativity would make them feel valued and it can also add a much-needed interesting design mix in the space. You can make it more fun by running a contest for the most creatively-designed desk.

  1. Go for statement pieces

One way to make a simple space interesting is by putting awe-inspiring statement pieces. It can be an eye-catching artwork or well-designed furniture. Investing in this kind of design accents can make your office space stand out with minimal revamps. Just be careful with choosing the pieces and make sure they complement the space.

  1. Do not forget your brand colors

Branding is very important to a business. It is what makes your company stand out you’re your competition and what separates you from the rest of the herd. Be sure to include this in your design scheme. Although you are not allowed to change the paint color of the walls, you can still incorporate your brand colors through design accents like furniture.