Event Organizer’s Guide To Designing Holiday Invitations & Post Cards

The Holiday season is full of events to go and parties to celebrate.  It is also the season when companies conduct events to treat their employers and thank their suppliers and providers for contributing to the success of the company for the year.

Once the season starts, postcards and invitations for company events fill the mailboxes of clients and customers. For event organizers, the attendance of the invited people and guests could spell the success of their event. To help increase the number of people attending, entice them by sending a one-of-a-kind party invitation. Here’s how:

  • Know the theme of the party


Of course, party planning all starts with a theme or a concept, and it should be implemented across all collaterals – from the events venue design to the invitations. If you are in charge of the planning, be sure to have a distinct theme for the party. Talk to your team and do some brainstorming. Once you agree on a single concept, create a brief and send it to your graphic designer.


  • Use high resolution graphics and visuals


Although company invitations and post cards are rarely used as marketing collaterals, the overall look will still speak of the client’s brand and company, so be sure that every element in the design is top grade – from the template to the photos and graphics that will be used. Remember that the guests who will be receiving these invitations will take a look at the printed material at hand and they will judge it according to their taste. Do not give them reason to criticize the company.


  • Be brief with the details


You need to keep in mind that the invitation is not a case report or a research study. With limited space allotted for content, the copy should be straightforward but interesting. So choose your words wisely. Ensure that the primary details are included and easy to read for the convenience of the audience (e.g. Theme of the party, venue, time, attire, etc.).


  • Mind the dimensions


With party invitations, you need to take into account how it will be delivered and distributed. If you will be sending it by mail, your graphic artist can have a free reign with the dimensions. But if you will be giving it personally, a smaller one would be ideal, so the invited guests can put it in their purses or pockets.


  • Contact a professional printing company


As mentioned, a lot of people to do not consider invitations and postcards as primary marketing collaterals, but it still speaks of the company in general. So as much as possible, look for a company that offers quality invitation printing in Dubai. A well-designed and finely-printed invitation can help increase the number of attendees and entice invited guests to go to the event.

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